Suruturian is the language spoken by the Suruturian people of the moon, Surut. They are the second most powerful of the Three Lunar republics, and they often are the ones who generate the most conflict. Suruturians are a very selfish and nationalistic race, often preferring strong, authoritarian governments and are one of the most racist and prejudice peoples in the entire galaxy. Given the right opportunity, power, and resources, they would immediately attempt to enslave the other sentient races and claim themselves as gods. Due to the proud nature of the Qaaran’atl and the narcissism of the Suruturians, many conflicts between the two arise and are extinguished by intervention of the Klubnarg. The Suruturians are most notable for their thin and pale nature, with short dark hair, and orange colored eyes. They despise individualism and almost every Suruturian looks and dresses the exact same way as to not stand out among their compatriots and to proudly state their planetary-nationalism.