Silver Millennium (Sailor Moon)

This is a fanlang I created for the Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon Crystal. I really love this series (as well as the original series), and when I saw the weird moon-shaped characters inscribed on the Sword of Silver Crystal and further popping up on Luna’s computer screen, I just had to turn it into a real language. I based this language primarily on Greek and Latin, seeing as how the Earth Prince’s name was Endymion and there’s a lot of influence from Ancient Greek mythology in the names and lore. One of the thoughts I had was perhaps the language of Silver Millennium would have influenced the languages of antiquity such as Ancient Greek that Prince Endymion possibly could have spoken…?

  1. Phonology
  2. Writing System
  3. Basic Phrases
  4. Pronouns
  5. Nouns
  6. Adjectives
  7. Verbs
  8. SM-to-English Dictionary