Qaaran’atl is a language spoken by the Qaaran’atl people of the moon, Tsa’aaral. They are an extremely proud and robust race with large figures and a much taller stature than the other two native races of the Three Lunar Republics. Their most notable trait is their thick, hair-structures that completely encircle their face, giving them the appearance of a lion. They generally have fair skin and hair color ranging from light orange to dark red. They have a very serious disposition and their culture and society reflects this. They do not understand sarcasm and humor is almost always beyond them.

One of the most interesting aspect of their cultural is their lack of a belief in a god or gods. Contrarily, they believe the point of the universe is for them to exploit its resources and to survive as a race. They do not believe in an afterlife, and they value their children as a form of afterlife and continuation of themselves, almost revering them to the point of gods. They believe as one becomes older, their self-worth and life force is “fed” to their children as they grow, which then continues on to the next generation. A common ritual is to kill oneself for the benefit of their children; strengthening their children emotionally and leaving to them an inheritance.

The Qaaran’atl language is highly synthetic and agglutinating. It’s syntax is primarily V-final and they make extensive use of vowel harmony.

  1. Phonology