Slang and Idiomatic Phrases

The Klubnarg have an extreme obsession with waste and defecation when using slang; however, to actually use the true word for ‘poop’ or to refer to the act of defecating has historically been taboo. As a result, the original words for waste and defecation have been lost and replaced with unique metaphors and phrases in vogue and colloquial use.

  • vlorblrnelk iklorbag – to take a crap (lit. “to burn muffins”)
  • globlogers imrgbag – to take a large, satisfying crap  (lit. “to give birth to the universe”)
  • klorbag vorblrnelk – shit (lit. “burning muffins”)
  • vorblrgorf – son of a bitch (lit. “offspring of a muffin”)
  • korblrnark porf zelir miaklr nhorf – something that appears innocent can be dangerous, while something that appears dangerous can be innocent (lit. “while a korblrnark [large non-stinging jellyfish] is gentle, a miaklr [small deadly jellyfish] stings/kills”)
  • zlrqap iglobser – to do the impossible, when pigs fly (lit. “to grow/cultivate zlrqap [chanterelle] mushrooms”)
  • gordrafo thrm kashr gorsem ivarth – to do something bad thinking it was good (lit. “to swallow a gorsem [destroying angel] mushroom while seeing it as a gordraf [white button] mushroom”)
  • ibrs – to be fake, to have ulterior motives (lit. “to be poisonous/false [mushroom]”)
  • brzgel – a deceitful person (lit. “a false/poisonous mushroom”)
  • belnorg ihmath – to make a huge mistake, to screw up big time, to bring dishonor to ones family (lit. “to brake ones forehead stone”)
  • glabnarf – a disgusting, vile person (lit. “pig-like mammal”)
  • glabnarf thor imrg – to have no morals, to be evil (lit. “to be birthed by a glabnarf”)
  • korblrnark zelir inal – to relax, to escape (lit. “to fly/float like a korblrnark”)