Klubnarg uses postpositions which come after a noun or phrase. Adjectives are always used with the patientive form of a noun; however, adjectives may take on additional endings and be treated as noun phrases. The following are a list of the most common postpositions in Klubnarg.

vles – among, between

  • Bibi vlesim zlar narg vlars hrmag?¬† (Who is the strongest among us?)

nimr – before, by

  • ¬†Fars gim srvaks nimr hrfser blorgi nim? (Can you finish it by tomorrow?)

lam – around, about

  • Zlar lam g’nof? (What are you talking about?)

nith – above, on top

  • Hi qlan nith el. (He is on top of the mountain.)

pen – beside, next to

  • Hi bi pen morth. (She is sitting next to me.)

zelir – like, as

  • Klorbag vorblrnelk zelir g’thrm. (You look like crap.)

selar – in, at

  • Zlar selar g’el? (Where are you at?)

kashr – with

  • Bim bloznarg kashr el. (I am with a friend.)

thor – from, since

  • Fars gim Erth thor fur? (Do you come from Earth?)

milr – to, towards

  • Bim mlor milr mhorg. (I’m going home.)

zr – before, in front of

  • Mlor zr bi morth. (I’m sitting in front of the house.)

br – after, behind something

  • Grvaks br b’nars. (After today I will run away.)