Passive and Active Voice

Klubnarg verbs can be split into two different categories: intrinsically active and intrinsically passive. Intrinsically active verbs are verbs whose roots or null forms are active, and intrinsically passive verbs are verbs whose roots or null forms are passive. Two separate suffixes exist to change the voice of these verbs:

  • -narth: this makes an intrinsically active verb passive
    • ithorg (to love) > ithorgnarth (to be loved)
  • -bag: this makes an intrinsically passive verb active
    • ithrs (to be celebrated) > ithrzbag (to celebrate)

The passive forms (both intrinsic and extrinsic) are treated as adjectives or intransitive verbs.

  • Thognarth narg (a loved person)
  • Nargim thorgnarth (the person is loved)
  • Thrzvaks (holiday, a celebrated day)
  • Vaksim thrs (the day is celebrated)

The active forms can also be treated as present participles for modifying nouns.

  • Thorgnarg (lover, a loving person)
  • Thrzbag narg (a celebrating person)