Eunomic Organisms

This is Eunomia, a terrestrial, Earth sized planet orbiting the star Epsilon Eridani, approximately 12 light years away from Earth. It is home to many forms of flora and most of its surface is covered in heavy forests. Animals are completely non-existent as they never evolved. Instead, plant-like organisms are the dominant live forms on this planet. The only known sentient species to inhabit Eunomia isĀ Dryas sapiens.

Excluding prokaryotes and other small eukaryotic organisms, the 4 most notable forms of life on Eunomia are fungi, plants, mycophytes and animaplants. Eunomic fungi and plants are morphologically very similar to fungi and plants on Earth. Mycophytes, however, are organisms similar to plants, except they have both cells with cell walls and cells lacking cell walls allowing for unique structures. Mycophytes also share specialized symbiotic relationships with certain species of fungi. In animaplants, which evolved from mycophytes, the primitive structures formed of cells lacking cell walls become complex organ systems, and the fungi are incorporated inside the organism’s body as endosymbionts, which also act as a sort of organ(s).





A phylogenetic and symbiogenetic tree of Eunomic organisms: