About Me

My name is Jesse, I am 21 years old, and linguistics and languages are my life. I love studying languages and creating my own as well as the fantasy worlds and cultures that go with them.  As far as natural languages are concerned, I speak English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, French, and Norwegian. I also know and have studied a myriad of others to varying degrees including Scottish Gaelic, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Modern Greek, Turkish, Russian, etc.

Outside of getting carried away in the world of languages, I also play instruments and (on rare occasions) compose music. My main instruments are double bass, violin, guitar, and keyboard. I also enjoy reading, writing, and occasionally drawing. Beyond the arts, I’m quite fascinated by mathematics and science, especially physics, biology, and chemistry, and I often try to incorporate them into my worlds and languages.

I’m originally from New Mexico, but I grew up in South Carolina. I graduated in 2017 from the University of Wrocław with a BA in European Cultures. I currently reside in Taiwan.